2. City Lights tape layout- not sure if it ever got pressed up or not.


  3. Turn up (at Dairy Queen Gahanna)


  4. Cleveland Barons


  5. 🎭 (at Clark County Fair)


  6. Founded in Miami in the mid-1930s by Hunter Campbell and bootlegger Johnny Prince, the Ethiopian Clowns were an independent barnstorming baseball team that moved to Cincinnati in ’43 before settling in Indianapolis three years later. In ’52, the Clowns signed Hank Aaron to his first pro contract, at $200 a month. Aaron played three months as the Clowns shortstop and cleanup hitter before being sold to the Boston Braves for $10,000.


  7. These teardrops from uptown



  9. Gameday win at the crib fit #homage #vintage #champion #nike


  10. Smile


  11. New Spaces


  12. @new_york_thug impromptu shoot


  13. HOMAGE Negro League Hats pt. 2



  15. judgmentalmaps:

    Columbus, OH
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